I was downloading some shots from my camera earlier and spotted several that were taken during my art group’s ‘Reflections’ exhibition in Newry City Library last Autumn.

Since I haven’t put any artwork up here for ages, I thought I’d share a few of my paintings that were on display for the month of November.

It was a lovely exhibition space – many thanks to Libraries NI. 🙂


About seaviewwarrenpoint

I am a writer, poetry facilitator and artist from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. My blog is Twitter @MarionSClarke
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5 Responses to Artspace

  1. I love the snowy river one.

  2. Thanks, Patsy. Everyone seems to like that one…it’s from a Christmas card I carried around for the last twenty years – I was determined to paint it one day. I don’t know if you can see it better by clicking on here…let’s see.

    Yep – that works!

  3. Beautiful paintings. Linking here from The Haiku Foundation…I like the poem you posted today.

  4. Thank you – I’m so pleased you dropped by and that you like both my painting and writing! 🙂

  5. Strange, I’ve just noticed that I seem to have something going on with the colour blue in my work… and my favourite music is the blues…hmmm

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