I’ve decided to put my artwork onto Redbubble, a site that sells cards, prints, etc using an artist’s original design. I’m not really sure how it all works, but it’s good to have my pieces all in one place instead of having to sift through lots of folders on my laptop.

I discovered this site when I was admiring a card that someone gave my mother of one of their paintings – in fact, she ended up buying me the original painting as a present because I loved it so much.

I guess now it’s a case of waiting to see what (if anything!) happens. πŸ™‚

Giants Causeway

Update – by the time I’d come back from work I’d sold fourteen cards – not a bad result, but I won’t give up my day job yet! πŸ™‚

About seaviewwarrenpoint

I am a writer, poetry facilitator and artist from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. My blog is Twitter @MarionSClarke
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8 Responses to Redbubble

  1. I’m trying to figure it out too… and no where near quitting the day job! lol. but i’ve purchased a few things and I am really happy with the quality and color. Good Luck… and lovely art! πŸ™‚

  2. Great stuff Marion πŸ™‚

  3. Patsy says:

    Good luck with this – it sounds promising.

  4. Von Rupert says:

    Your blog is absolutely lovely–tranquil and peaceful. I could lose myself in this painting–it’s complicated and simple at the same time. I’m headed over to check out the rest of the art you have posted. Thank you for reading my poem at Every Day Poets and taking the time to comment. It means so much to me.

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