A Murder of Crows

I have loved Van Gogh’s work ever since I saw prints of his painting as a child on the walls in my grandmother’s house. I visited the Van Gogh art museum in Amsterdam for the first time many years ago and cried when I saw his paintings – for me, the turbulent brush strokes and vibrant colours really reflected a tortured mind.

So, I was delighted when Every Day Poets accepted my free verse poem, ‘Murder of Crows.’ This piece was inspired by my favourite Van Gogh painting, ‘Wheat Field with Crows’, and is up on the site today if you fancy having a read.


I’d love to hear what you think of this piece, as I’ve been concentrating on haiku and senryu such a lot recently.

In fact, I wrote a haiku recently on NaHaiWriMo based on the last few lines of ‘Murder of Crows’, when the prompt for that day was ‘masterpiece’.

crows scatter
at a gunshot
wheat bleeds

About seaviewwarrenpoint

I am a writer, poetry facilitator and artist from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. My blog is https://seaviewwarrenpoint.wordpress.com/ Twitter @MarionSClarke
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4 Responses to A Murder of Crows

  1. Patsy says:

    I didn’t really like Van Gogh until I wrote a story with a mc (Mavis) who was fascinated by a Van Gogh painting. When I looked at it through her eyes, I changed my mind.

    Er, is it weird to be influenced by a character I created?

  2. aliqat says:

    Hi Marion,
    Just discovered your blog, after reading about this poem on Ch 79. I’ll be back to read more,

  3. Thanks for popping in, Alison – glad you like the look of the place! 🙂

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