I’ve been tagged!

I have just been tagged by Patsy Collins which means I have to answer 11 random questions that she’s come up with and then I have to tag 11 people and ask them my 11 random questions … Here are the questions Patsy asked me with the answers.

1. Do you have a favourite word or phrase?

My reaction to lots of things that happen – “weird.”

Speaking of tagging, I also love the statement below that I spotted on Banksy’s site http://www.banksy.co.uk/ Forgot to go to see the street art exhibition at the Ulster Museum, Belfast which features some of Banksy’s work and I think it ends this weekend. 😦


2. What do you like on your pizza?

Goat’s cheese, parma ham, olives and artichoke. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find a pizzeria that offers one with all these toppings.

3. Where do you get your books from?I buy them, borrow them and sometimes even steal them (but always leave them back afterwards 🙂 )

4. Favourite drink?

Australian or Chilean merlot – I would love to drink fine French pinot noir but it’s impossible to find one as good as the new world wines for the same price. I’m also partial to a good pint of Guinness.

5. Who would you most like to meet?

There are so many people I think I’d like to meet but then I wonder what would we talk about if we did…it might be embarassing. Like, what would I say to Johnny Depp?

“Em, I think you’re a great actor, Johnny.”

“Thanks, what was your name again? (and he probably wouldn’t even bother to ask that)

6. And why?

I’ve sort of answered above, but in the negative.

7. Favourite colour?

If it’s to wear, then black…but as a colour for itself, at the moment, teal.

8. Where have you never visited but would like to go?

The Far East

9. Do you like hats?

Well, I wasn’t aware that I did until last winter when my daughter was given a hat to wear when she was appearing in a school production of Oliver. I wore it during the snow and became quite attached to it. I’m thinking maybe I should buy a proper hat of my own now instead of one that was a prop in a school play.

10. What weather do you like best?

I love when it gets just warm enough to feel the sun on my skin, but not so hot that I begin to burn. We’re lucky if that happens once or twice in Ireland…usually around May.

11. Were these questions random enough?

I’m not sure, were they?

Okay, straight off the top of my head, here are 11 questions … all I have to do is find 11 people to tag who might answer them.

1. Are you a day person or a creature of the night?
2. Who is your favourite artist/painter? (if you have one)
3. How would you describe your dress style? (classic, rocker/rock chick, grunge, skaterboy/girl, shabby chic, unique, casual, etc)
4. Do you like going to live gigs/concerts, and if so, what type of music? (I’m a blues fan)
5. a) Where were you born? b) Where do you live now?
6. Top three films of all time?
7. Favourite city?
8. Of whom would you say, “I would like to write like …”
9. What were you doing just now? (before you switched on your pc/laptop)
10. Have you ever won anything and if so what?
11. What would be the highlight of your perfect day?

About seaviewwarrenpoint

I am a writer, poetry facilitator and artist from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland. My blog is https://seaviewwarrenpoint.wordpress.com/ Twitter @MarionSClarke
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13 Responses to I’ve been tagged!

  1. BARBARA says:

    11 Questions/answers..

    1.I’m a day creature…up at dawn and watching for the sunrise, eager to be out and seeing the beauty of the world..
    2. Sidney Nolan (Australian)
    3. Style? Casual chic and melbourne black mostly!!!
    4. I do like concerts, live gigs and recently CELTIC ThUNDER was fantastic here in melbourne. but I also like jazz, rock n roll, classical…I’m eclectic..so what can I say?
    5. Born in Melbourne, and still here…
    7. Paris.
    8. Seamus Heaney.
    9. Just back from laps at the pool , (Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Center) and walking Hugo, my little dog!!
    10..I won free tickets to see CELTIC THUNDER , YAY!!! but I don’t usually win freebies!!
    11. The highlilght of a perfect day? Seated and watching a sunset over a beautiful landscape, with the sea not too far away…


  2. Wow, that was quick Barbara!

    Must look up that painter…

    Very interesting – thanks! 🙂

  3. BARBARA says:

    Should have added a chilled glass of dry white wine there on Question 11..!!

  4. Great answers!

    Hope you do get yourself a new hat.

  5. Oonah Joslin says:

    1. eleven til eleven — that’s me!
    2. Salvidor Dali and Escher
    3. Casual
    4. Opera. I went to Pink Floyd, Focus and Leonard Cohen and I like theatre and ballet.
    5. Born in a hospital – Live in a bungalow.
    6. The Dish for script. Apollo 13 for historicity. Far from Heaven for sheer gut wrenching heart – Hey how would I know about ALL TIME? Lord ot the Rings Trilogy thus far for sheer perseverance if nothing else.
    7. Baltimore MD or Amsterdam
    8. I would like to write poetry like Leonard Cohen and stroies like Asimov.
    9. Laundry.
    10. Good meal/good company/good wine.

    • Hey, I’m with you on a lot of this stuff, Oona: surrealism, Floyd, Cohen, Lord of the Rings, Amsterdam, and of course food and wine to finish off a perfect day. 🙂

      I did wonder how you ended up winning laundry, but I guess that was what your answer to what you’ve just been doing and you missed the question about winning something?! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Thanks for answering.


  6. 🙂 Not yet, Patsy, but I’ll keep looking …

  7. 1. Are you a day person or a creature of the night?

    A: I’m usually asleep by 10PM.

    2. Who is your favourite artist/painter? (if you have one)

    A: Jim Steranko

    3. How would you describe your dress style? (classic, rocker/rock chick, grunge, skaterboy/girl, shabby chic, unique, casual, etc)

    A: I wear red sneakers, but only with my teal tuxedo… never with the black.

    4. Do you like going to live gigs/concerts, and if so, what type of music? (I’m a blues fan)

    A: I do, but not very often. Last concerts I saw were Sting, Roger Waters and Death Cab.

    5. a) Where were you born? b) Where do you live now?

    A: Born in Fort Worth, Texas. I live in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas.

    6. Top three films of all time?

    A: Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, and The Two Towers.

    7. Favourite city?

    A: Tough one. Seattle, WA or San Francisco, CA.

    8. Of whom would you say, “I would like to write like …”

    A: I wish I could write like Ernest Hemingway, but only *write* like him. Not live like him and definitely not die like him.

    9. What were you doing just now? (before you switched on your pc/laptop)

    A: Getting a second cup of coffee.

    10. Have you ever won anything and if so what?

    A: Nothing worth mentioning here.

    11. What would be the highlight of your perfect day?

    A: I think it would be amazing if there was one day where everyone tried really hard to be nice and considerate. I’ve never seen it happen but it would be cool.

  8. I wondered if you meant you were asleep in bed by 10pm or in front of your pc, Mitch? And the sneakers and teal tuxedo reply made me laugh!

    I wasn’t aware of the artist Jim Steranko and when I looked him up I see his graphic art combines, “the traditional comic book art styles of Wally Wood and Jack Kirby with the surrealism of Richard Powers and Salvador Dalí.” Aha! I see the surrealists have snuck in again in this thread…

    Thanks for a very interesting reply, Mitch. 🙂


  9. Thanks for the questions, Marion. It was fun. Steranko is credited with changing the fomat of comic pages in the 60’s from the 9 same-size frames per page to the dynamic format still in use now. That he did relatively little actual work (less than 50 comics and maybe 100 covers) and still changed the medium is impressive. Like Jack Kirby’s dots, it is immitated to the point that it’s mainstream.

  10. Carolb says:

    Thank you Marion. I’ve given you a mention on my blog post today.

    • Thanks Carol, I guess there’ll be quite a few people who will get multiple tags once we all run out of friends! Thanks for dropping by and for saying you like my artwork in your blog. 🙂

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