“Where the Mountains of Mourne…

…sweep down to the sea.” As Percy French said in his lyrics, the Mourne Mountains really do seem to finish at the sea.

The Kingdom of Mourne is an area of natural outstanding beauty close to where I live. We headed up there for a picnic last week. I told the kids we were going on a ‘zombie hunt’ as this area was the setting for one of my stories from The Infection anthology, recently published by Pantoum Press in the US (http://www.theinfectionanthology.com). I explained where Taryn, her sister Lara and their friends took refuge in a mountain shelter high above ‘The Big Stone’, a 30 ton granite boulder deposited during the Ice Age on Slieve Meen. I showed them where the zombies had come out from between the trees in pursuit of Niall and Taryn and revealed where the final showdown took place. It is a stunning backdrop for a story…see for yourself!


About seaviewwarrenpoint

I am a writer and artist from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland.
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