‘Alight Here’ – The London Tube Project

I have been fortunate enough to have had two of my poems accepted and published on ‘Alight Here’, the London Underground website, over the last few months.

If anyone would like to submit their work inspired by an underground station, here is the info…

“Alight Here is finding poems and images inspired by each of London’s 270 underground stations. Images can be photographs, drawings, paintings, collages. Poems can be haiku or epic. And contributions don’t have to be of the station itself. They just need to be linked to that station and its surrounding area in some way. We want to capture each stop’s essence.

We’ll post the most interesting submissions at alighthere.co.uk throughout the year, and we’re hoping to publish a book showcasing the winning 270 entries.

To contribute, email: alighthere@gmail.com. By submitting your photo, you consent to it being published on alighthere.co.uk, and potentially in a book which will bring together the best contributions.”

And here are my two (very small 🙂 ) contributions… the first, ‘Baker Street Rap’, was really inspired by the fact that Sherlock Homes lived there and the saxophone solo in the Gerry Rafferty song – (TfL is Transport for London by the way and their Baker Street office is where you go if you leave your belongings on the tube)

The second, a senryu, was inspired by a visit to London’s West End to see the musical ‘Oliver’ with my kids last summer.



I just wish I’d written the serial killer one!!!


About seaviewwarrenpoint

I am a writer and artist from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland.
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